With a tradition of preparing students (undergraduation and graduation) for future employment and further achievements in a variety of fields, the Laboratório de Modelagem de Sistemas Complexos (LMSC) emphasizes personal interaction with students and hands-on research experience in the Theoretical Chemistry. Whether aspiring for a career in academia, our comprehensive curriculum that includes B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees provides you with the necessary knowledge and experience to excel.  Students have the opportunity to work closely with scientists who are experts in their fields and who pride themselves in providing a quality education.

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 Doutorandos (PhD Students):

  • Valter Henrique C. Silva
  • Francisco Alexandre Castro

Mestrandos (Master Students):

  • Guilherme Matos
  • Ludmila Candido

Iniciação Científica (Undergraduated Students):

  • Caio C. C. Moreira
  • Diego Soares de Freitas
  • Diogo J. S. Freire
  • Thiago S. Castro


  • Adão L. B. Montel
  • Aretha Carolinne C. dos Santos
  • Arthur A. Mamya
  • Daniel Augusto Barra de Oliveira
  • Dorival E. dos Santos Junior
  • João Rodolfo Quaresma Faria
  • Lourdes Martins de Morais
  • Marcelo Albano Moret Simões Gonçalves
  • Micael Dias de Andrade
  • Stela Ramirez de Oliveira
  • Talita Souza Carmo
  • Vilma Carolina T. Delavy
  • Viviane Matos Galvão
  • Viviane Silva Teixeira